GAC Motor

  • Guangzhou Automobile Group Motor CO., LTD (“GAC MOTOR”) is the implementing carrier of the OBM Project of the GAC Group. The Project represents a major initiative for the GAC Group to pursue scientific development and independent innovation, enhance its core competitiveness, and achieve sustainable development. GAC MOTOR firmly commits itself to the development, manufacturing and sales of world-class quality vehicles, engines, components, auto accessories of its own brand, as well as to the research and development of automotive engineering technologies.

  • Founded in July 2008 with a registered capital of CNY 4.222 billion, GAC MOTOR is located in Hualong Town, Guangzhou, China. The Project plans to produce 400,000 vehicles and 450,000 engines annually. The world-class plant of the first phase with an annual production capacity of 100,000 vehicles and supporting engines was completed in September 2010. Since then, GAC MOTOR has introduced serial passenger cars under its own brand.

  • Carrying forward the philosophy of “Make Excellent Cars for the Loved Ones and Let the World Full of Love”, GAC MOTOR has integrated global advantageous resources and adhered to forward development and world-class quality, committing to developing world-class cars of its own brand that can fully meet user demand and achieve Chinese consumer’s driving dream. Since the end of 2010, GAC MOTOR has successfully launched the sedans including GA8, GA6, GA3S, GA5 and GA3; SUVs including GS8, GS4, GS5 Super and GS5, all of which are quality models of domestically-manufactured medium- and high-class cars. All these models have won a five-star rating in China Automotive Technology & Research Center’s C-NCAP crash tests to become China’s only full five-star safety car family. And thanks to the world-class quality, GAC MOTOR ranks No.1 among all domestic brands for two consecutive years since the J.D. Power Asia Pacific released its 2013 China Initial Quality Study (IQS).

  • In the four years since its market launch, GAC MOTOR has set what is known as the “GAC MOTOR Speed” in the industry, with an impressive track record of respectively selling 17,000, 33,000, 85,000 and 116,800 cars in the four years. With this, GAC MOTOR has achieved an explosive expansion in its reputation and influence, successively winning the CCTV China Brand of The Year, Xuanyuan Award for Contributions to China’s Automobile Industry,Innovation for the Future,Outstanding Contribution Award and many other major awards and prizes. With a referral rate of over 30% and still rising, GAC MOTOR is rapidly becoming a trusted Chinese auto brand.

  • Looking into the future, GAC MOTOR will continue to carry forward its brand philosophy of “Quality, Safety, Innovation, Pleasure”, rapidly cover medium- to luxury-class sedans, large-sized SUVs, MPVs and other market segments, and make inputs into the research and development of high-efficiency engines, advanced transmissions, turbocharger, GDI, new energy power and other advanced technologies and products. Meanwhile, it will also expand in the international market, make key breakthroughs in the Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia and other middle-income countries and regions, and then duly enter the North American and European markets.

  • GAC MOTOR will stick to its product quality, safety, steering and other outstanding genes. We aim to expedite the development of products and continuously improve the product performance with our magnificent techniques and global leading technologies, motivate consumers via cutting-edge product ranges and various brand experiences, and provide more diversified options for our numerous GAC MOTOR followers.

  • We hope to form a production capacity of 500,000 vehicles (with over 10% for exports) by 2017 and of 1,000,000 vehicles (with over 20% for exports) by 2020. With wisdom and unremitting efforts, GAC MOTOR will make effort to develop its own brand into the most valuable and the most influential world-class brand popular with global consumers!

Feng Xingya

Yu Jun
Corporate Philosophy
Humanity, Credibility and Creativity.
Corporate Goals
To forge world-class quality with wisdom and unremitting endeavor and to develop into a trustworthy, excellent enterprise.
Corporate Culture
Challenge, Change, Communication, Creative, Cost, Continue.