GAC Motor



  • GAC Motor Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “GAC Motor”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd., Ltd. As a national high-tech enterprise established on July 21, 2008, GAC Motor is devoted to the production and sales of world-class vehicles, engines, auto parts and car accessories as well as R&D of automobile engineering technology. Since its establishment, GAC Motor has adopted a global vision and adhered to international standards, forming a world-class car manufacturing system with GAC global R&D network, world-class production mode, global supply chain system and GAC marketing approach as its core.
  • It has blazed a development path of “high-end focused, quality-first and innovation-driven” with its development speed and profit level being among the best for Chinese brands, so as to achieve the company ambition of “building a world-class brand and a global company”.




  • Since 1918, Gargash Group of Companies has established itself as a leading business enterprise. Racing at a pace that defines their success today, Gargash’s drive and passion have seen its portfolio grow to include holdings in automotive, real estate, and investments. The Gargash Group is a great example of corporate growth that has kept itself aligned with the growth of the nation.
  • In 2015, Gargash Motors & General Trading signed up with GAC Motor, the leading carmaker from China, to become the exclusive distributor of GAC cars in the United Arab Emirates. Our global expertise, understanding of local markets and regional insights enable us to deliver integrated, innovative and better service & solutions to all UAE customers.
  • At Gargash Motors & General Trading, we consider our role as custodians of this proud lineage and more importantly carry out this role in true GAC MOTOR tradition: offering outstanding quality with unrivalled service.

Feng Xingya

Yu Jun
Corporate Philosophy
Humanity, Credibility and Creativity.
Corporate Goals
To forge world-class quality with wisdom and unremitting endeavor and to develop into a trustworthy, excellent enterprise.
Corporate Culture
Challenge, Change, Communication, Creative, Cost, Continue.