On the evening of July 20 (Beijing Time), American Fortune magazine released the Fortune Global 500 List 2017, in which GAC Group sees its ranking raise by 65 compared with last year to 238th place, with an increase rate of 21.5%. Since 2013, GAC Group has made the global 500 for five years in a row and this year its ranking hit a record high, showing a strong development momentum.

GAC Group not only maintains high- speed growth, but also ranks 1st place in sales growth among China’s six major automobile groups. In the first half of the year, the group’s market share rose to 7.2%, hitting a record high. Meanwhile, its three overall vehicle business sectors including self-owned brand business, Japanese J&V, European and American J&V keep abreast of one another, and SUV and sedan show outstanding performance as well.

As a pride independent part of GAC Group, GAC MOTOR’s sales from January to June totaled 250,878 units, a year-on-year increase of 57%, significant higher than average of the industry. In this way, GAC MOTOR reached half of its year-end target sales, giving a perfect performance in the first half of the year with high-speed and quality development trend. That helped GAC MOTOR to realize its sales target and laid a solid foundation for it to produce and sell 1 million cars by 2020.

By virtue of independent innovation and excellent quality, GAC MOTOR has been widely recognized by the market, becoming a benchmark for Chinese brands to make high-end breakthroughs and a typical example for all-round and balanced development. In fact, GAC MOTOR has always been keeping high-speed and quality development since its establishment. The company had its sales increase to 380,000 units in 2016 from 17,000 units in 2011. By ranking No.1 with the highest compound annual growth rate of over 85% among Chinese brands for 6 consecutive years, GAC MOTOR has topped its domestic counterparts in development speed and profitability, creating a remarkable “GAC MOTOR speed” in the industry. Aside from that, GAC MOTOR has topped the ranking of Chinese brands for four years in a row and ranked No.5 in the whole industry in 2016, according to J.D.Power’s IQS report. In terms of quality, GAC MOTOR’s products can be on a par with global first-class brands and the company shows the world its development speed and advantages in world-class car manufacturing system, realizing constant improvements of brand value. .

As one of GAC Group’s three major breakthroughs in the “13th Five-year Plan” period, internationalization is also GAC MOTOR’s important development direction in the future. While achieving high-speed development in China, GAC MOTOR is also actively making layouts in overseas markets. In January, GAC Group made its appearance in the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), becoming the first Chinese carmaker entering the showroom of NAIAS with a history of 110 years. On top of that, GS7 made a global debut and received the “Impressive Worldwide Debut: GS7 SUV” from Forbes and “A New Generation Blockbuster SUV” from The New York Times, showcasing the world China’s strength in high-end manufacturing. In March, GAC MOTOR concluded a partnership with 2017 Fortune Global Forum in Guangzhou, becoming the only official car sponsor of the event. By then, GAC MOTOR will be reviewed by high-end elites from around the world. In May, GAC MOTOR held multiple overseas talent recruitments and launched construction of Silicon Valley R&D Center of GAC Automotive Engineering Institute. Up to now, GAC MOTOR has set up sales service systems in 14 countries and is scheduled to make a foray into North American market in 2019.

With increasing strength in brand building, constant breakthroughs in self-dependent innovation and orderly advancement of internationalization process, GAC Group will unremittingly elevate its core competitiveness and steadily march forward towards the goal of “growing into a famous brand in Chinese automobile industry and an international automobile group brand with global influence and a high sense of social responsibility”, striving to constantly rank higher in global 500 list!

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